c/journalcFantastically rudimentary grep for some specific directories - but it does searc...5 months
c++/journalFantastically rudimentary grep for some specific directories - but it does searc...5 months
clojure/ded-clojureSerious Clojure prototype of DED.5 months
config/emacsConfig for Emacs3 weeks
config/nixconfigConfig for NixOS5 months
config/nvim-homemadeA homemade neovim config.4 months
config/openbsddotfilesdotfiles for OpenBSD machines.2 months
dotfiles/arch-dotfilesdotfiles for Arch-based machines.2 weeks
dotfiles/debian-dotfilesdotfiles for Debian-based machines.3 weeks
docker/bind9-configBasic docker compose config for running a bind9 DNS server4 months
forks/nvim-nvchadFork of NvChad with my config.
dbasikAn API for dbasik written in Go.14 days
go/blackbirdShifting educational resources.9 weeks
go/coordsCalculating Excel coordinates.4 months
go/datamaps-goExperimental project; datamaps written in Go.4 months
go/ded-goDED in Go using Echo framework.5 months
go/ded-go-coreDED in Go using stdlib.4 months
go/edenDaily journalling from the command line.5 months
go/joWrapper around hugo to aid setting up static site.5 months
go/jo-hugo-siteNew site for Jo in Go. Mirror of site on GitLab (for big images).5 months
go/jobbyloggerTracking essential movements for IBD sufferers...4 months
go/journalgSearching through journal files with Go.5 months
go/quicknoteQuicknote appends links from the clipboard to a file which gets uploaded to yulq...5 months
go/snippetboxThe project that accompanies the Let's Go book.4 months
html/jo-rebrandFront page for months
html/jollage-hugo-templateHugo template.5 months
html/matthewlemonA web site.5 months
html/twentyfour-contactTwenty Four Software contact web site.5 months
html/twentyfoursoftwareTwenty Four Software web site.5 months
html/ web site.11 days
java/chicken-defenderSpigot plugin for Minecraft.5 months
perl/perlscriptsPerl scripts.4 weeks
Blackbirdblackbird written in Python (Django) (with support from Cookiecutter)3 weeks
python/bcompiler-engineUse spreadsheets as forms for collecting data on a large scale.5 months
python/complyiqOpen source business management application prototype.5 months
python/ctrackDjango-powered CRM to track DfT NIS Cyber Assessment Framework submissions.5 months
python/datamapsCLI front-end to bcompiler-engine - a tool for compiling data from Excel spreads...5 months
python/dbasikPutting bcompiler on the web.3 months
python/dedThe original DED written in Python.5 months
python/pyblackbirdblackbird written in Python (Django)6 weeks
python/python-scriptsPython scripts.5 months
ruby/ded-railsDED written in Ruby.5 months
ruby/quicknote-rubyquicknote written in Ruby.5 months
shell/bash-scriptsScripts that I have written, copied or stolen.5 weeks